E-commerce website audit

Evaluate your online shop! Enter the GPeC 2018 Competition!

If you want a complex e-commerce evaluation of your online shop, for both Destop and Mobile version, we recommend you enter the GPeC 2018 Competition!

Imagine that, while wandering in a mall, you stumble upon a shop that:

  • has dirty window display, the glass is dusty and unattended
  • the products in this shop are ramdomly organized on shelves in no logical order – which makes it hard to find anything you may want
  • the products don’t display the price, size, material etc.
  • the dressing rooms aren’t equiped with mirrors or are not well illuminated
  • in order to get to the cash registers you need to pass through a corridor behind the shop, that is not properly marked
  • in order to pay your products, you are required to fill out a form with all your personal data beforehand…

… etc. etc. etc. We can extrapolate with many examples that will make your buying experience extremely difficult and obviously will lead you to a single logical decision, to leave that store and never to return.

Just like in real life, an online shop’s website represents the interface with potential customers. Obviously, the success of an online shop doesn’t only depend on the design and excellent ergonomics of its website, but on multiple important factors – starting with business plan, marketing strategy, budgets, competitive prices and so on, up to the quality of the shop’s services as a whole.

But if the website (as the first point of contact of the online shop with the potential customer) has flawed ergonomics, an unhealthy design, a lack of functionality etc., then the online shop is unwilling to sell and – many times – it is prone to failure.

Here are – briefly – the reasons why it is advisable to evaluate your online shop’s website, in order to know exactly what’s good and what you can improve so you can increase your conversion rate and assure your visitors a browsing experience by the book.


Over 200 evaluation criteria, more than 25 e-commerce specialists ready to analyze your shop, 2 evaluation stages. GPeC 2018 Online Shops Competition

Over 25 E-Commerce and Online Marketing experts – members of the GPeC 2018 Jury – will evaluate every shop taking into account more than 200 evaluation criteria essential to an online business: from Usability, Design, Customer Experience, SEO, Security, Mobile, Social Media, Legal aspects, E-Mail Marketing to the Quality of the shop’s services and Customer Loyalty.

Each shop registered in the GPeC 2018 Competition receives an individual and fully confidential evaluation report containing the GPeC Jury’s scores and recommendations according to the over 200 evaluation criteria. More specific, you will have your website completely x-rayed and will be able to see what and how needs to be fixed in order to increase your conversion rate and sell more. For both Mobile and Desktop versions of your website.

The price of such an evaluation starts from only 299 EUR + VAT. Check out all the registration benefits for entering the GPeC Online Shops Competition and register by May 31!